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Free Tuition Cost for a quality advanced theological training, miscellaneous fee only.




Complete a degree in two to four years or at your own pace.



Innovative approach to Christian learning.


To All

Caters to all qualified applicants regardless of age, gender, race and religious persuasion.




172 Laurel St. Aniban I, Bacoor City Cavite. +046 417-6795 +63939-435-7066, +63932-766-8970
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    FEAST, as academy is a complete Bible School Ministry for the local churches, and any government institutions and private sectors . We have designed a comprehensive 2-5 year curriculum training for an effective services, under a professional mentorship.

    School For

    Christian Leaders

    FEAST is committed to highest academic achievement and excellence not only for every aspect of its ministry but also in the field of theology. With that purposed, we have established outstanding course programs to develop Christian leaders for effective service.
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    Training For

    Christian Leaders

    The FEAST seeks to produce competent graduates who are equipped with the required relevant knowledge, wisdom and Christ-likeness to enable them to become effective servants and responsible church members of our society. From tribes, depress areas, jails (include correctional) poor families, handicaps etc.


    of any level

    Far East Advent School of Theology offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree program which emphasize academic quality, in-deep research, missionary work, and spiritual growth. The Feast holds ideals for its students.
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    Strengthen the student’s moral values, competence in the field of teaching ministry, church administration and school supervision and promote professional growth in his/her major field of specialization.



    Equip teachers with necessary tools of scientific and practical knowledge in teaching and community service with philosophy based on Christian ideals and a deep understanding of a life-long commitment to God service.


FEAST is a Non Stock, Non Profits, Non Government Organization, Non Denominational, Non Sectarian Educational Institution Ministry of Christian Churches and is thoroughly Biblical in its philosophy of education. It is a ministry for the local church, public and private sectors in cooperation with it, and affiliated with some ecclesiastical and religious organizations.
FEAST is affiliated by Liwanag Sa Bilangguan Inc. (Light In Jail Inc.) as non-government organization training centers.

FEAST is affiliated of more than twenty churches as their official training center for pastoral, theological formation of the ministers and church members.



Far East Advent School of Theology is a Member of Advanced Institute of Missiological Studies Aba, Nirgeria who’s the Far East Advent School of Theology Founder is the official representative of the said institution to the Republic of the Philippines.
Far East Advent School of Theology is a member of the Philippine Association of Bible and Theological Schools (PABATS), which is one of the big accrediting agencies for theological schools in the Philippines.

Start Your Training Now!


It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is fill up you enrollment application form and get it to the nearest FEAST representative in your area, letter of spiritual vision, transcript of record, resume and send it to Far East Advent School of Theology, 172 Laurel Street. Barangay Aniban I Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines with your minimal payment of miscellaneous fee (free tuition). To know how to apply please click here

That’s all there is to it. Once we receive them we will process your enrollment and make arrangements to send your first course materials immediately.


Our Address:
172 Laurel St. Aniban I Bacoor, Cavite, 4102
Phone: 046-417-6795
Cell# +63939-435-7066, +63932-766-8970
Hours of Operation:
Monday. to Friday. 9am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm Only
Special Appointment Are Available

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